Friday, October 17, 2014

S.I.G.A. / Soundshift

S.I.G.A. is the newest group of young, talented 
Filipino contemporary visual artists to grace the Philippine art scene. A brainchild of Cevio Art Haus gallery owner, Atty. Cecilio Tobillo, he envisions the group to be the most promising and likely the next future stars of the art world. Composed of Jessie Mondares, Xavier Abelador, Odoi Villalon, Keith Paras, Michael Velasco, Ronante Maratas, Siefred Guilaran and Rodel Jacintos, they were carefully screened and selected based on their talent and their potential.

“Siga” in its vernacular Filipino term translates to “make a fire” or in its colloquial form “no fear to show off”. By carrying this moniker, the group aims to make a fire in the Philippine art scene by showing off their works without any fear or hesitation.

In this inaugural exhibit entitled Sound Shift, each participating artist was assigned a genre of music for him to interpret it in his own artistic style. With this particular exhibit, the group wanted to showcase works of art that are not only pleasing to see but soothing to hear as well. For they believe that the eyes are used to look at the painting but needs to hear and feel it with your heart to understand its meaning.

The following are the members of SIGA:

SIEFRED GUILARAN hails from the artist rich town of Angono, Rizal. Graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2010, he was a back-to-back finalist of MADE (Metrobank Art and Design Excellence) competition in 2012 and 2013. His works are easily distinguishable as his style uses Pointillism or Dot Art. Playing with color and light, his artworks create a scientifically ordered and analytical system of painting whereby dots of pure color are placed side by side, enhancing their brilliance and elaborating on the color theories of his subject matter.

JESSIE MONDARES is no longer a neophyte in the local art scene as he already had three acclaimed solo shows credited to his name. A graduate of Far Eastern University with a degree in Advertising, major in Painting, his works are awaited by his avid die hard collectors. His paintings unveil not just his artwork but his life, his personal battles to himself and the society. His surrealist style of mostly human figures reflects his deeper critique of the environment that surrounds him as seen through his artworks.

XAVIER GONZALES ABELADOR is considered to be the next art superstar coming from Batanes after Pacita Abad. He is a much sought after representational and surrealist painter, one of the first Ivatan artist who have completed formal training, having earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from FEATI University. He earned many distinctions such as runner-up in the 5th Art Petron National Student Art Competition in 2005, a finalist in the Shell Art Competition in the same year and a finalist in the PLDT-DPC cover design contest of 2005-2006. He paints in an impressionist manner but also produces haunting imagery when he melds indigenous motifs with mythic scale of imagination in his remarkable surreal paintings.

KEITH PARAS is a scholar of “The Saturday Group of Artists” having finished his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at the University of the Philippines in 2010. He is a consistent awardee in national art competitions having been a finalist in the 2009 PLDT-DPC cover design contest, a runner-up in the 8th Art Petron National Student Art Competition in 2008 and a finalist in the 40th Shell National Students Art Competition in 2007. As a member of the Saturday Group of Artists since 2000, he was exposed early to different art techniques and styles. His current work tends to combine expressionist and realist techniques from his portrait and figurative subjects.

RONANTE MARATAS is a graduating student at FEATI University taking up Bachelor of Fine Arts. A multi award winner in major local art competitions, he recently bagged the grand prize in the 28th MADE (Metrobank Arts and Design Excellence) National competition in 2012. His work is greatly influenced by his background in graffiti and street art movement. His Neo-expressionist and Primitivist artwork uses drawing and painting, marries text and image and mixes abstraction and figuration. A follower of Jean-Michel Basquiat, his paintings show his innate capacity to function as something like an oracle, distilling his perceptions of the outside world down to their essence and, in turn, projecting them outward through his creative acts.

MICHAEL VELASCO is an award winning visual artist who graduated from the University of the Philippines College of Fine Arts, Major in Studio Arts Painting in 2004. Greatly influenced by paintings during the renaissance period, his work are improvisations of the Modernist and Classicist idioms, distinctly characterized by the use of silver and gold leaf backgrounds, modern geometric patterns and classical figures. He has long held a strong fascination for the female form such that most of his works features women as embodiments of grace, elegance and humanity.

RODLER “ODOI” VILLALON finished his Bachelor of Fine Arts at Far Eastern University in 2011. A finalist in the 2010 Shell National Student’s Art Competition, he is one of the sought after young artist from Angono, Rizal. A Realist by heart, his canvass depicts figurative images with an underlying touch of social commentary. His works draw attention to the everyday conditions of the working class and the poor and who are critical of the social structures that maintain these conditions.

RODEL JACINTOS hails from Iloilo City, Iloilo. A finalist in recent art competitions, his artwork is about life in general. On his canvas, he interprets his subjects in panorama, a vast and questioned full surreal scape with a distorted perspective. He loves to paint music and things that are practically positive on viewers understanding. His elements are often mathematical due to his engineering background. Still, the drama and the juxtapose story is solemnly felt in each of his artworks.

Here are my entries to the exhibit.

Acrylic on Canvas
36 X 24 Inch

Acrylic on Canvas
36 X 24 Inch

24 X 24 Inch
Acrylic on Canvas

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