Wednesday, April 8, 2009


This year’s theme for the 4th Batanes Annual Painting Competition is “Reconciling Development and Cultural Heritage and Environmental Conservation: Problems and Challenges”. And since I am not qualified for the competition (because I am one of the organizers) I made my own depiction of the theme. And since I am aware and alarmed by the rapid change of culture in this place, I choose to focus on the effects or problems if we (as Ivatans) allow these changes which are inevitable but of course still in our control. Batanes is nominated as one of World Heritage, It’s a great Honor and privilege to be one of the few nominated World Heritage site and along with this is a great responsibility to take care and maintain the Heritage of Batanes.
The artwork depicts the consequence of Industrialization. The monolith stone symbolizes the Ivatan heritage being scourged by rapid development. The place surrounding it is affected and in chaos to the point that it’s too late to change what is done. All it can do is reminisce the past, peace and beauty of the place which is in the reflection of the polluted river.

30 x 24 Inch
Acrylic on canvas
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